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The least amount of volume

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  • The least amount of volume

    Just curious as to how little volume people have surfed with and how did it go
    I know the volume calculator has it's recommendations but how low have you gone compared to your weight
    I Weigh about 81 kg and favor just under 30 liters but I probably could surf maybe 5 liters left if I had to
    Maybe I'm just lazy

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    it depends on the board type/shape you are thinking of and where the volume/area is placed...for example, at up to 93-95 (at times), in a standard shooter,where rocker can cover up a multitude of sins, i enjoy 28ish and as long as its glassy i enjoy the feel of even less..(although i have to push up gently so as not to sink the nose) hellfire at 29.5 is fine on my feet but i have to watch the takeoff(again the nose), because the volume is down the back and the nose is short and flatish...could do with going up a notch or two and be over the minimum recommended...but then i lose the short rail-line, which is the whole guns..(not that i use them much now..too old and scared), i like more volume than i should have but with really tapered rails to compensate....

    i should add, this is based on surfing daily in very good sucky drops where i take 2 paddles and let the board fall down from under me without pressure or whitewash swamping me...started surfing beach-breaks again lately to regain the ability to paddle around and make quick decisions and ride unfamiliar wave shapes...and this has led me to lock in an MB 602 x 2 11/ i can take off "dirty" and not get driven under the surface...once on my feet i may have less drive/bite etc after riding low volume for so long...we will soon see...

    if i get the MB choice wrong i'm gunna get the "i told you so" off Nev who has told me to go for a 603 razor..!!
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      You're breaking your own rule. "always listen to Nev!"


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        yep, and if wrong, this point will be hammered home....!!..

        i have only overridden Nev twice i think, in over 20 years...was wrong both times...and here i go again...must need my head my defence though, this time i need to replace my flexy, as i need a full rocker for my "bad back days"...lets me clamber to my feet late and leaning forward without nose diving...i know the thinner MB will be spot on but want something now..!!..later when hi perf is sorted i will definitely be getting the razor as an extension of my hellfire for "good back days"....oh the joys of aging....!!!!

        for our casual readers, the lesson here is, anything Nev says about the firewire range and when to use each of them and what size to get compared to this board or that board blah blah etc etc..... FOLLOW IT TO THE LETTER..!!..HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING..!!
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          I tried a friends flex fire out the other day with a volume of 25.5
          Took a bit of extra work paddling wise but once on the wave it was magic
          I think I might have over volumed myself for a while
          So easy to turn it was ridiculous
          At 81 kg i didn't think I could be riding these boards


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            at over 90kg i have done better surfing (technically) on the fuller 602 flexy at 28.5vol than any board i have ridden in over 30 2 others both by Nev as well...