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2013 ASP World Tour

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    Does anyone else find the new forums clunky? Anyways, too hard to find things, Here's a new thread post Chopes. First. the race seems to be down to Kelly and Mick. Mick hasn't been in form all year (as I see it) getting through on tradesmanlike performances. Mind you, he seems to have copped wave starved heats more than any other major competitor on tour. He's grafted out a run of consistent finishes without ever looking to be on fire. Kelly to me has been out of form the last two events too. He got to the final with Parko not getting a meaningful second wave in R5, with Freddy not catching any waves in the Quarters, with Kai not catching any waves in the Semis - basically Slater was gifted a Finals appearance. Not to say he wouldn't have won those heats but he wasn't pushed until the final. Those guys just froze up (Freddy and Kai) like deer in the headlights. So the two lead guys to me aren't necessarily the form guys - to me the form surfers are Parko and JJF. JJf definitely won't feature in the world title hunt and Parko is now a way long shot. I'm calling it a Slater year but if Mick can get on one if his 07/09 rolls then look out!

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    i like the old forum better.. this one seems weird and harder to navigate... they should also enable themselves on tapatalk