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    I am just thinking out aloud (on the internet, that's unusual!) that my ideal quiver would be something like:
    1. 5'8" Potatonator (33.9L)
    2. 6'0" Spitfire (35.3L)
    3. 6'2" Hellfire (33.7L)
    4. 6'4" MB (34.6L) / 6'6" MB (34.5) / 6'5" HR (33.5L) / 6'5" Lost F1 (33.9L) / 6'8" Flexfire pin (33.9L) /

    The #4 may not even be necessary. The hellfire may well prove to have the ability to surf waves as big as I want to. It's always hard to say, I've seen 6' in some places I'm afraid of and 10' in others where I have no reluctance (been a while though but usually the problem is that kind of wave will be crowded heavily).

    I know there is quite a bit of overlap between #1, 2 and 3 but I like the idea of a fair bit of overlap so that if things change quickly or you choose the wrong board for the conditions what you have should still work. I used to bring 2 boards but with warmer weather at the moment and the warnings about not baking my boards in the car I don't during summer.

    I've never tried a spitfire but after riding my hellfire I really like the extra bite in the tail and I think a spit would give that to me over the dom that I currently have which is great in average full surf but I think the spit would be even better.

    What's your ideal quiver?

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    At present;

    6'4" Dom
    6'6" Hellfire
    6'6" Alt
    6'8" round tail Alt


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      510 hellfire
      602x 18 3/4x 2 1/2 flexfire
      603 razor
      606 flexy pin
      610 flexy pin (maybe too old and sooky for that or my widow makers now)

      and going to play with the MB in 602 to see if i can improve on the 602 flexfire which is in 2 bits (gunna be hard)

      in reality as i'm now an aging gumby..(used to be a youthful gumby) i could get by with the hellfire and 602 flexy/mb.... for my own enjoyment i would be happy wiggling around on the HF feeling like i'm barefoot surfing...if i want to stroke my ego and try to impress onlookers..(emphasis on try), i would ride the flexy and surf to the point scoring formula..(and get a 3)

      could do with a mid range addvance for when my back would normally have me out of the water....
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        5'4 SP
        5'10 Dom
        Next purchase - 6'2 Hellfire
        At Some Point If Possible - 9'1 Longboard in FST

        There is a thing of having too many boards, you get out in the water thinking damb I should taken the,......


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          My ideal quiver would include most of the firewire models:

          1. Dominator for sure 6'2"
          2. Spitfire: 6'0"
          3. Sweet Potato or Baked Potato on the fence on this one 5'6"
          4. Hellfire 6'2" have only ridden a handful of times but am liking what I am seeing

          Would love to own / try as many of their boards as possible as I am totally sold on the technology.



          • #6
            506 potatonator
            508 dominator
            511 hellrazor
            600 michel (thin)
            602 alternator round
            606 flexfire round


            • #7
              502 SweetP
              508 Sub Scorcher
              511 Hellrazor
              600 Taj CBD (or Michel 600 2.38")
              606 Flexfire step up.


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                On that note, I've got a chance at an unused 606 Flexfire for a really good price. Trouble is, it's a board I'd get very, very little use out of, but as it's a good price should I snap it up and keep it for those rare days/trips...?


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                  If it's a bargain and you're not going broke saving money it could be handy.


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                    Already got 2 boards to pay for in the next couple of months though... I think the money would be better towards a SP than the step up, but as I said, rare opportunity to get one for a great price.


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                      get it if cheap enough phill..dunno about at your weight but i used to ride similar from nev in p/u p/e as everyday boards...very usable even in smaller stuff with a little shape...


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                        Ha a 6'1" feels giant to me now!


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                          yeah, i know how ya feel...after spending this time on the 510hf, i jumped on a friends 6'6 step up while she tested the HF...felt like a sunset board..!!..was holding bottom turns all the way to the next beach...!!...well almost..........


                          • #14
                            6-4 Dominator
                            6-5 Activator
                            6-4 Hell Fire
                            6-6 Quadra Five
                            6-7 HellRazor


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                              Fritzcat, how do you find using the 6'4" Dom, and the same length in the Hellfire? What was the logic for that approach?