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    Ha cheers buzzy yeah 38 l is my magic number too. Have 6'2 spit at 38 and feels perfect. Have surfed 6 4 hf and liked it, caught waves easily but found general paddling a bit slow and I'm a lazy paddler. Keen to see how much performance I'd give up on the 6'6 before deciding so will try to snag a demo.


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      5'10 Vanguard
      5'11 Baked Potato
      6'0 Nano
      6'4 Mini Driver


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        5'8 VADER 33'9 L for good waves 2-6 ft faces 6'2 # 33,7 L for medium / bigger waves - round tail style and walls 3-8 ft 6'4 MB fat 34,5L for medium & large waves - HPSB style 3-8+ ft 6'0 VG 39 L as groveller or on fat waves (to get even with SUPs and long boarders - sorry) 1-8 ft


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          Now it would be Baked potato, Unibrow, Hellrazor, McCoy nugget, Takayama scorpion, Special T, or Mctavish fireball Evo


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            I have my travel quiver which is a 6'0 HF (31.9L) for 0-5' and a 6'5 HZ (33.5L) for 5'-8' that worked well for me in PNG only 2 days I needed the HZ the rest of the time I rode the HF. The thing I like about my "conventional" boards is that when you travel they seem to cover the broadest range of waves that I will surf.

            I also have my Tomo quiver which is a 6'0 V4 (31.5L) for 5-8' and my 5'8 x 19.5 x 2.5 (approx 33.2L) Astro which is a custom made riot shield similar to a Vader made from innegra, has wooden rails, wooden bottom skin and a top skin that has yet to get a foot depression. I'm not sure if I'd take the Tomo quiver traveling the range of waves is narrower they need to be cleaner and be standing up properly and running with a good pocket. As with boards that accelerate very fast in the pocket they also lose speed fast as soon as there is no real pocket and the waves get wobbly. Of course you learn to make them work in less than optimal conditions but then when you jump on a board made for more average waves it suddenly gets easier. The Astro paddles quite well and so does the V4 but if it gets bumpy and there is a lot of water moving the V4 starts to get difficult to get into waves. Like high performance cars these tomos/MPHs can be a little temperamental if conditions don't suit them. I found this also with my 5'8 VG too.

            I have a 5'10" Spitfire (33.5L) for groveling in small useless waves. And I also have a nice Pivot Carbon 429 dual suspension mountain bike for when I can't face any more grovelling - a must have!