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Lost Minnie Driver?

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  • Lost Minnie Driver?

    Matt Biolos blog hinted that you guys were working on a Minnie Driver collaboration. Any truth to this or timeframe? Know you killed a couple of the other Lost projects:

    From comments:
    "Matt - What sizes will you have for the FST Minnie Driver? Can you post the dims? Thanks

    16 days ago Matt Biolos responded:
    Matt Biolos
    i think its 5'6 5'8 5'10 6'0 and 6'2
    I cant remember all the dims right now."

    Hoping this is a true and that you will do the 5'9 as well (perfect dims for me at least the Lost stock ones 5'9 x 19 1/4 x 2 5/16).

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    i doubt they'll do the 5'9 if you look at the other lost boards in comparison.. i.e. subscorcher


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      I'm sure you are right. This is why I guess I end up with standard poly boards, there's always something just enough off in the Firewire offerings that they don't quite fit. The jump from the 5'8 at 26.4 liters to the 5'10 at 28.5 liters of volume (Lost standard Minnie volumes) is just too much. The difference between sinking and too corky. Oh well, can't please everyone. Glad they are adding some interesting new models.


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        yeah its hard. the more technical you get in the construction, the more difficult it is to build. firewire's philosophy since the company's inception has been that incremental changes in a board's physical dimensions are secondary to the development and implementation of a superior tech. The truth is, most of us don't possess the ability and experience to notice 1/8th of an inch here or 1/16th of an inch there, but we can benefit from things like the flex or durability of a new material.

        The other point worth thinking about is that even though PU boards are more reproducible than they were in years past, there is still a hand shaping component so the VOLUMES of a run of the same model and size will vary to some degree. Point being, a 5'10 John Doe model here on the west coast will be slightly different than one on the east coast. Because of this, I think these small differences in volume can be somewhat psychological.

        Just my thought...


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          I totally appreciate the fact that you can't have every board in every size and I think you guys do a good job of covering it. And I'm excited about you guys doing a Minnie Driver (if you are, confirmation?).

          I just know I felt up a few 5'10 Minnie's in California over X-Mas and they were a bit too beefy. After surfing and selling a lot of boards over the years, it's great that shapers are finally putting some volume numbers on so you can hone in one what works for you. To me fractions of a liter of volume are pretty insignificant but certainly the two liter jump between the 5'8 at 26.4 and the 5'10 28.5 is tangible not just to pros.

          Anyway, hope you guys do it and it's successful. The Sub Scorchers in FST feel nicer than the off the rack poly ones.


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            stoked rob!

            Re the minnie driver, i don't have any of the details on it yet, but we are doing them in FST tech only!!



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              Will stay tuned for the final dimensions and see how it turns out. Know these Mayhem collabs usually take awhile and go through some twists and turns before coming to fruition.


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                the files are done for that and approved to my knowledge. next step PROTOS for approval...

                we'll keep you updated for sure.


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                  Niiiice!!!! need some test drivers?? jejeje


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                      Looks like an amazing board! High Performance Hybrid but with such a short rail line... Good for short legs! Ha


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                        Yeah its like a HP Dominator. tweaked for max hybrid performance. I saw a PU version in a shop this weekend!


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                          Yeah true Chris.

                          A 5'8" MD also looks like a RP version of a certain 5'9" CBD Alternator I have been playing with...

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                            Saw this today on Matt Biolas' blog:

                            "Been working a lot with FW.

                            The Mini Driver will be out in FST before summer
                            I just signed off on the first protos. They look amazing.
                            Sixes and dims will prob be posted on FWire site soon."

                            Assuming he meant sizes.


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