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Lost Minnie Driver?

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    I see a few more "antsy" people searching out DIMS and such on a few other blogs. You guys got anything you can feed us? Can't wait, mine is ordered and paid. My desktop pic:mini-driver-fst.jpg

    Love all my FW boards!!


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      Not sure if these are still correct but i found this on Mayhems Blog showing the stock dimensions and volume of the Mini Driver.



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        I have a little interest in this board as it looks and sounds like a higher performance Dominator. I have decided to do my own board compare in the sizes I like
        That is a 6 ft Dominator -34.8 ltrs - 6'1" Minnie Driver - 34.8 ltrs & 6'4" Futura -35.4
        and this is how they look - on the left we have the MD (blue) over laying the DOM (red)

        as much as I love my Futura I'm always on the lookout for a shorter rail line without giving up volume if I can help it so the 6'1" MD could be the answer by the sounds of its marketing description.

        DOM MINNIE.jpg dom futura minnie.jpg


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          qualitatively speaking, the Minnie "feels" like a better wave shortboard than the Dominator. It actually almost feels like a board that you would take out in pumping surf if you wanted to ride something a little smaller. My opinion is that its a go to in stomach to over head, with a preference for more steepness.

          This surfers who dislike hybrids in small surf, may also rejoice because i think it can be groveled but its not quite as full ass a Dom/Spit.

          Lump this one in with the high performance boards.

          Cheers and hope this helps.


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            Hey Juslivinlif, where did you place your order?


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              Order was placed at Killer Dana in Dana Point thru Ralphie.


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                Hey Juslivin,
                email me at the address below with the board you ordered and I'll follow up with ralphie to make sure its in.