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hellfire or new mb pro model

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  • hellfire or new mb pro model

    hi chris .can i ask your advice as i know you have test ridden the new mb pro model.i was considering buying the mb model when it hits the market as my all round one board but after looking into the hellfire and the rave reviews on the forums i am steering towards the hellfire in a 5ft 10in @85KG do you believe the hellfire could be the better choice as there has not been too much info on the mb pro model yet. thanks .

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    Info on MB model is now on the main site. Sorry, I know I aren't "Chris" but thought that might be helpful!


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      get yer cheque-books out guys....much to froth over...!!...


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        good spotting buzzy.the new boards look sick.


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          yeah dawn its a tough call. I think they might have similar versatility and go well in similar conditions. Well the hellfire might like smaller surf a little more, as its a touch flatter out the back, but both perform well.

          To differentiate between the two, I will say that the Hellfire feels a little bit more like a hybrid, because, it IS!! it seems too obvious, but that is the big difference. lets take coming of the bottom into the lip for a gouge as an example. The michel is going to grab the wave and come around as fast as you can make it because it has a high performance rocker profile to it. You will be able to achieve a shorter rail line and pivot a touch faster. That is what makes a short board a short board for me. That kind of response and sensitivity.

          In the same scenario, the flatter exit rocker of the hellfire means you are probably taking a slightly longer line and projecting a bit more. THIS IS NOT BAD THOUGH. Its just a little different. My take is go with the Michel if you will consistently be in faster, steeper surf. If you are in flatter, slopey waves though, the hellfire is going to give you a bit more usability. Two great boards that are subtly different. The hellfire will still going when its juicy too as you have clearly read.



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            michel bourez board

            Thanks Chris,i was hoping you would steer me more toward the mb model.Love the shape of that board.I have had a 6ft 2in Alternator in the past and still own a 5ft 10 in dominator so thinking the mb 6ft would be a good step up from the dominator for 3ft to overhead surf.Has the mb got more float than the ALTERNATOR ? Thanks for your time.