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  • Soar Powerbase Fins

    I just received my new set of Powerbase Soar fins. They are the DL template which is the go to template for a vast number of pro surfers, including Taj, who use glass ons. Owen Wright is also a Powerbase team rider and using the larger DXL template fin and the Powerbase fin boxes.
    There are 3 materials available. Electra, which is the softest flex pattern, Amour which is the medium and apparently very much like glass ons, and then the Ceramic material which is stiffer again. I believe it is similar in feel to G10 material. I went for the Armour tech.
    The fins have a flanged base like that of a glassed on fin and pull down into the plugs as you screw them in which prevents the movement at the base of the fins. That should lead to a more immediate response, increased drive etc.
    Here's a crappy photo, the lights a bit shit at home but I'm sure you can see better pics on the web pages.
    I haven't tried them out yet but will post some feedback once I have.

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    FCS compatible, right? From what I've seen they look FCS compatible but what you are saying about how they secure makes me wonder if they require a specific fin box.


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      They work with FCS, but I wouldn't recommend unless you have fusions, I think the way they pull down into the board might be a little too strenuous for older style plugs.
      They do their own boxes too which are designed to accommodate the fins perfectly and I believe the whole plug is hidden under the flanged bottom so it's very tidy.


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        hummm, ineresting