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  • On this day, what traditions

    I wrote this about 10 hours ago and tried starting the thread in a couple of other sub-forums but it seems I can't start new threads in these sub-forums without approval if it contains certain keywords and it seems Christmas is one of them!! So I had to resort to a bit of trickery to get the thread up, just for the sake of timeliness, but sheesh. So sorry moderators for about 4 other threads awaiting approval.

    To those who observe the celebration:

    Here in Oz, I've just put the munchkins to bed, they're as excited as can be. It reminds me of what I felt at that age at this time. Some of the other rich flavours that you can inhale deeply this time of year are those memories before we all had air con and would sit at the table on days that were either stinkers or scorchers eating a massive baked dinner. Full works, heat pouring out of the kitchen as the oven just added more heat to the house.

    Grandad would usually over do it drinking and have at least one fall, otherwise the day was a bit of a fizzer. Most neighbors would drop by toting a couple of longnecks and sort of get topped up before champers with lunch. The snapping of bon bons, and then now that I look back at it, the wilting sight of grown adults wearing ridiculous crepe paper crowns, that would melt with perspiration onto their heads. Then the plum pudding with real brandy sauce cream and sixpences and threepences inserted - watch those teeth! Then finally, the passing out with heat and over indulgence, for an afternoon coma. A lot has changed since then but I'm still fond of those memories. You really earn a roast turkey dinner when you eat it in the stinking heat of a Sydney summer!

    I'm hoping the swell sneaks in early and maybe I can get away for that glorious early uncrowded Christmas Day surf as our guests aren't coming until 3pm. Those kinds of surfs are special, something like robbing a bank and getting away with it I guess - and no one gets hurt and no money goes missing!

    Merry Christmas everyone! What's everyone up to?
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    Merry Christmas to you too buddy. Over here spending Christmas in Peru with the family. In our case, since my parents live in Venezuela, my sister in Italy, me in Canada and the rest of the family in Spain, every year we spend the Holidays in a different place.
    Usually our thing is eating and gift exchange the morning after.Nothing fancy. And of course some champagne and wine


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      well done slowman, just logged on to write a similar tale...we have a unique chrissy heritage here...swell just lifting here now..i'll go rob a bank too..!!
      merry christmas to my mate iggy on his travels and all others too....

      you will all be relieved that i missed the morning no dodgy pics this year..!!...OF COURSE THERE IS ALWAYS NEW YEARS SWIM..!!


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        Thanks Iggy, I like the surf and adventure potential of where you've got your family spread around!

        Yep Core the NE cyclone swell is just starting to pulse through. looks like long period swell, fast trains breaking along the shore dump on this morning's high tide in the 2-3' range with the odd bigger sets every 10-15 minutes. Just left as all the Brazos arrived from Bondi!! Brilliant day, so far my timing has been impeccable, got up with the children and opened presents with the family, scored before the crowd on a glorious sunny morning. Wouldn't be dead for quids!


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          getting solid on the points now...still have not gone out..nearly time for 4 tonnes of pork crackling..!!...should have gone earlier...just waxed up a nearly 20y/old 6'6 round pin of Nev's...oodles of rocker...made for aussie points with cyclone swell...maybe late session..or when bigger tomorrow....hope we are all enjoying christmas fare...


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            Come ooooooooon Dave, put some pics !!!jejejeje, the ones you did not put last year will do!!!!


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              ha late to the party here but happy holidays!