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  • Airlines fees

    This might be interesting to keep updated
    Which airlines don't charge board bags fees???. And those who does how much do they charge?

    LAN Peru no charge as long as it stays under the 2 luggage limit under 20kgs each
    Quantas: no charge
    Virgin: no charge

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    Those who charge
    American airlines $100
    Iberia $$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Air Asia $25
    Taca. $100
    British Airways (last I heard is that don't take surfboards)


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      KLM seem like the board bag will be allowed as your standard luggage as long as it's under 2m and weighs less than 23kg.

      Good thread Iggy.


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        Surfline's web site has the most comprehensive list of charges and conditions I've seen anywhere, no guarantees it's up to date but it's a good guide to start with, always best to ring and confirm or even check the airline's website sometimes the person on the phone might get it wrong too. In fact I'd take a printout to check in with me (just in case, but remember never be a dick at the check-in counter, you know who will win!).

        Here's the link


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          Thanks slow man


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            it still seems variable. i think you would always want to budget $150 each way for boards...


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              Another thing to bare in mind is that some airlines charge fees on certain routes and not others. For example I flew for free with two boards to Australia a couple of years ago from uk with JAL. I had a stop over in Japan on the way back, when I checked back in at the end of my week in Japan to fly back to london they Tryed to charge me about 500 usd for the last leg, when I asked why they Said that was the standard charge from Asia - Europe, whereas Europe - australia had boards as a free allowance, luckily because I still had my boarding pass from Sydney to tokyo they were willing to let me off on the fee as it was clearly a stop over. The charge would have been worth more than my boards at the time (pre fire wire days). I always ring to check now - successful companies I have flown with boards for free are etihad, Qatar, Sri lankan, Singapore, emirates, gulf, royal jordanian, all from the uk, and Garuda from Australia, no probs and Japan airlines but only from uk to Australia obviously. Middle eastern airlines seem to be quite good at the free allowance thing.