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Lost Mini Driver Board Thread?

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  • Lost Mini Driver Board Thread?

    Chris, can you start one? Thanks in advance.

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    How's yours going? Mine should be here real soon.


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      I'm really liking it. I had it for about a month just sitting in my garage waiting for a swell. The swell still hasn't come, so I finally took it out in some 2-3 beach break. It goes really well. Catches waves maybe a half second slower than my Spitfire, but drives down the line in small surf just as well and has a much broader turning potential. My Spitfire has been shelved ever since. I think it'll make a for a great 1 board quiver. I'm off to Bali on 9/13. I should be able to share more after the trip. Also, there's supposed to be a swell here in San Diego this weekend. I hope it works out.


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        I'd love to hear more. In particular, any major performance differences to your Spit, or for other people, the differences to other boards in the FireWire range.

        I have one more FireWire to come and I'm weighing up between a CBD Alt and a mini driver. It'll be a long time to the purchase though.


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          My MD is on the water so will be here some time this month. Looks like the Atlantic is starting to get moving for the Autumn/Fall swells so hopefully I'll be able to post some feedback soon.

          What fins have you been using Csarqui? I was thinking of going for mostly a quad/quad and nubster set up with the MD, but will try it as a thruster too.


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            Some differences really stand out compared to the Spitfire:

            The first thing I noticed is that catch-ability is a little stunted compared to the Spitfire. When I paddle for a wave I really put my weight into the front of the board with my chest and it feels like the board hits the brakes. I have to settle my weight back a little and it improves. Similarly, when I stand up, if I put my front foot down and really start pushing off of it (like I do with the Spitfire) the board hits the brakes. I have to tilt it back a bit and then the board takes off. I think these things are just common differences between a fish outline and a hpsb. For me, it's a really good challenge because every time I venture into the hpsb range I have less fun.

            It has much more grovel power then the Alternator. Once I adjust my initial weight back, the board has all the quick speed of the Spitfire but with much more control. I can take off early or late, use my weight, and really force the board to take off, even if there isn't much wave. It can do 2ft beach break no problem. I always found that I couldn't generate speed on my Alternator. I needed a fairly good wave to make it happen.

            The tail. I've always liked the look of round tails but they've always felt a little dead under my feet unless the waves are overhead. This board is quick right on take-off. You can feel that flat area right in them middle of the board and it's a similar feel to the Spitfire. It also has great hold. I caught a couple overhead waves this weekend and noticed that I can bottom turn mid-face with confidence. With the Spitfire I would have to be very ginger about where I set my rail on a steep drop or the board would just flop over on me.

            The tail rocker really helps me to the get the board back under my feet after going off the top. Sometimes the tail flatness of the Spitfire results in it drifting out from under my feet if I break the fins out over the lip. The tail rocker on this board keeps it under my feet. It's refreshing.

            If I could change anything i would reduce the nose rocker just a bit because it reduces catch-ability and that's really important to me considering our crazy crowded line-ups. But over all I consider a good "next level" board for anybody who's been spending most of their time on a groveler.


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              That little write has me frothing for mine! Sounds like it's going to fit the bill perfectly :D


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                Those observations are super helpful.


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                  Hi csarqui,
                  how does the rail volume/thickness compare between the spitfire and the mini? Any chance of some pictures? On the PU mini drivers I have seen in the shop, they seem really thick.



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                    The rail volume is thinner on the mini-driver. Shape wise, they're are more boxy/square feeling. I can't take pics because I just wrapped the board up for Bali. Leaving tonight!


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                      Thanks for that. My order is going in. Hope you manage to get some good waves.


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                        Originally posted by Sarge View Post
                        Hi csarqui,
                        how does the rail volume/thickness compare between the spitfire and the mini? Any chance of some pictures? On the PU mini drivers I have seen in the shop, they seem really thick.

                        Yeah I have noticed that as well
                        Hopefully the FST doesn't come out as thick as the PU version of the mini driver
                        Might have to go a Razor if that's the case


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                          Here is something from Matt In response to a question on his blog site regarding different dims to the pu stock

                          'andi responded...
                          hi matt,
                          have been riding a pu version of a 5'10 mini in southern mex the last 4 weeks. didn't get any big swell but you could feel the potential of the board on the occasional sneaky set... made me feel more confident and under control on critical takeoffs and turns compared to my subscorcher but worked as great on the small days too. stoked. thank you.
                          my question:
                          just saw the mini on the fwire website.
                          for what reasons did you change the dims & volumes compared to your standard stock ones?
                          In case of the 5'10, the fst is 19.25 x 2.38 & 27.8litre as opposed to stock dims 19.5 x 2.38 & 28.5litre ??
                          thanks for your input.

                          Matt Biolos responded...
                          I am not really sure, more than I wanted them to have some variety. I think the stock dims on the PU are a bit on the small wave, full wide size and for the FW I wanted to make them kinda an indestructible travel board for decent to good waves.'

                          Sounds like a ripper.


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                            yeah there is a bit of difference between the two, but they both definitely are rippers...