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    On the new volume calculator I type in:

    Int/Adv (true)
    Ave fitness (true)
    35 years (-8 years i'm 43 but seems to work.45 years comes up with 36-45 which seems just a bit to much.)
    89 KGs (true)

    and it comes up with 32-39 ltrs.

    My boards are:
    6'6 FF vol 32 (have)
    6'2 HF vol 33.7 (want)
    6'0 DOM vol 34.8 (have)
    5'10 PN vol 36.8 (want)
    5'6 SP vol 38.6 (have)

    So this seems to work for me with my high performance boards at the lower end of the scale, my hybrids mid scale and my sweet potato high end of the scale. Even though I tweaked it a bit I still think it gives a good range between all my boards. So I think if you find a board you like whether it is high performance, hybrid or pure stoke you can use the volume range to find other boards the right size/volume for you. High performance=min. Pure stoke =Max.


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      hi guys new here noticed when putting in ability,inter advanced is lower volume than adanced,is this deliberate or a gliche?


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        Nahh no worries captian,
        I think we are also going to update and reinstate the buyer's guide. There seems to be enough interest and linking for it....

        What do you guys think??



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          Hey Chris, I reckon it might make life a bit simpler for us if you reinstate an updated buyers guide. I really appreciate that you guys at Firewire try to assist us work out which board & size to go for as well as listening & taking action if required. Thanks mate!


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            I think the buyers guide was retry good, simple, and worked well. I'd only suggest a few more explanations on what might lead people to go plus or minus the recommended range (such as older and or less fit for +, and frothing and or young or near pro level for -.


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              That's "pretty good". Bloody auto correct!


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                Did the calculator change in the last month? I re-ran some queries and the results seem to offer a more narrow range by 3 - 4 liters. If so, was this based on buyer remorse issues? I ask because most forum posts here suggest dropping volume but the calculator is bumping me up. I'll probably lie about my age (50) but don't want to regret it.