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  • CBD work around for IPad

    Hey guys,

    Anyone got a work around to view the jt or 3d PDF on their iPad?

    I've tried a few free CAD and specific PDF apps but cannot get details to come through. All good on the pc just want the ability on my mobile device. I'll be it works on android :(

    Cheers Ian,

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    Hey Ian,
    I'll look into it for you.



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      Hi Ian_B

      There is now an app "3D PDF Reader" from Tech Soft 3D available in the iTunes store ($4.99) that allows viewing the 3D board in the 3D PDF.

      Although, it is limited in what it can do.

      To use it, after selecting 'Download 3D PDF' from your MyBoards page, the PDF first opens in Safari, single tap where board would appear, then 'Open with' and select Adobe Reader (the display looks the same as when in the browser - you will notice that text is not displayed in the datafields (board name, dimensions, etc.)). Also, the buttons Prev and Next and the Compare modes are not active.

      Then double tap in the area where the board is normally displayed, then use 'Open With' and select 3D PDF Reader.

      This brings up the boards, stock and custom, in a 3D viewing window fullscreen.

      Initially, both boards are displayed.

      At the top of the frame will be "part"

      Double tap on the board. This will bring up an onscreen menu. I'll use an 600 MB as an example.

      Hide Parent Isolate

      Tape Isolate

      Will then see your CBD only

      Can rotate dragging your finger around.

      Can hit 'Cycle' in the upper right and the board will run through the standard views. Click 'Stop' in upper right to stop

      Double tapping board again will bring up menu again

      To change which board(s) is(are) displayed choose 'Parent' and either Show/Hide or Isolate

      "part" is both boards


      Stockboard_MB600Q_02_STOCKBOARD_SOLIDS is the stock board

      I have enhancement requests in to Tech Soft 3D to add the capabilities that exist when viewing 3D PDFs on a computer (translucency, viewing options such as lighting, etc). This company does the 3D development for Adobe. I am also in contact with Adobe to add the ability to view the CBD 3D PDF forms on mobile devices such that the datafields display properly.

      Lastly, Tech Soft 3D has informed me that they are investigating an Android solution, but do not have a date for it yet.

      I will post updates in this thread as they come in.

      Thanks for asking about it Ian_B!

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        That's prity cool. Ill never be of the bloody I-pad now.