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Volume differences on Dominator between website and CBD

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  • Volume differences on Dominator between website and CBD

    I was looking at the Dominator on the CBD and noticed that for the 5,8 model it says the stock volume is 30.4L, where as on the Dominator page on the normal website it says the volume is actually 31L does this for a few of the sizes despite the specs being the same, which is the correct volume?

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    The CBD is 100% accurate as its the actual cutting file for the board.

    Either way, 0.6l is hardly noticeable in my opinion.


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      Cheers, that's what I figured. I was just curious as to why they'd be posted differently on the main website


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        Possible that there have been subtle adjustments to the shape which have altered volumes slightly or just some rounding up happening.


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          I asked Bruce for an explanation as well, but the other thought is there may be a slight variation from the fixed stock model file that we have vs the flexible CBD file generated by the NX software. .6 L is less than 2 % of the 31L that the stock 508 is, so I think there is a slight tolerance when compared to the stock files we have.

          Keep in mind, the CBD may vary slightly, very very slightly, when no adjustments are made to the board, but you would never buy a custom stock model. Once you begin designing your own custom, however, the stock variation flies out the window and everything the CBD program throws at you is 100% accurate.

          hope this helps and perhaps at a later point, Bruce will add a comment.