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  • CBD Rocker Idea

    I understand the boards are made using rocker beds which makes offering custom rockers difficult.
    I was thinking how about offering the bottom shapes for different models on the customs. For instance you could order an Alternator with a Flexfire or Taj rocker, or a Spitfire with an Alternator rocker.
    Not sure if it's practical because obviously the cutting paths would be different with a different rocker but I know when Mayhem made the Sub Driver he dropped the Driver rocker and bottom contours on the Sub Scorcher outline. Im guessing the software the CBD is build around is infinitely more powerful than aku shaper so maybe it's something that's possible.

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    Hi prjwebb,

    You know an awful lot about these boards, enough to be dangerous I would say!

    I like the way you are using your knowledge then thinking outside of the box.

    You are correct about the power of the Siemens NX software (it is used by more than half of all the automotive and aerospace companies around the world).

    I will suggest this be another topic for a future FW R&D meeting.

    Thanks prjwebb,



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      Ha I enjoy learning about things that interest me. Head like a sponge!
      Cheers Bruce


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        Great idea mate
        Just imagine the possibilities
        The Taj board with a much flatter rocker would be good fun


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          Yes I like the idea very much too, imagine adding a little more rocker to the Spitfire it could make it just that bit more versatile at its top end.