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Are coloured sprays an option?

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  • Are coloured sprays an option?

    With CBD can you get an all board one colour spray???

    If not it would be great, i don't know if its the actual foam or resin? but my FST boards are yellowing and they are generally kept inside out of direct light.

    Dont get me wrong im 99% happy with my FW in FST they go great and have held up amazing but i think if i could get a one colour spray that would be the extra 1% as my boards would virtually be new looking for years and years and years.

    PS.I dont care to much for colour in a fashion sense and im not talking designs which would be labour intensive, more just to keep my boards looking new as i find when my boards appear new even after i clean them up it helps approach surfing with a freshness like you do on a new board, personally i think a lot about surfing is where your head is at.