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    Howdy prjwebb,

    We should have the Michel Bourez model up within two weeks (508-606)

    Also the CBD web pages will be updated soon. Will add some video content, first one will be Nev talking about the benefits of CBD, particularly being able to hit your ideal volume.

    Also soon, a section will be added where CBD owners can share things about their CBD boards/experiences. Perhaps you will be one of the early contributors!?! (coordinated by Chris)

    Another new board model will be added in the not too distant future as well, a high performance model. More on that later as the final stock specs are decided upon.

    Thanks prjwebb,



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      All sounds good Bruce! Yeah I'll post some feedback on there for sure. Looks like some waves on the way for mid week so I'll finally get a few more sessions on my CBD! :D

      MB being added sounds exciting. I bet I could make a nice 510 x 19 x 2.38 smaller wave version on there.... Will the thickness range be extended on the CBD to account for the thicker and thinner versions being available?
      New model sounds interesting too... So it's a new, new model that isn't actually available at all yet?

      Thanks for continuing to expand the CBD platform, it's such a good feature!


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        Thanks PRJ! I believe the custom Michel is based on the thinner. Version, but regardless, the range of customization will remain the same for the MB...

        Cheers and love the commentary.


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          CBD in UK

          Hey prjwebb, who are you ordering your CBDs through as it is not available in the UK yet?


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            I did mine the long way around through the US and had a friend bring it over as they were on a trip. Long process but worth it for a fantastic board.


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              Hi Bruce,

              Any word on when the MB might be up on the CBD site? Also any progress on rounded pins being added to the Flexfire?




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                guys we are sorting through a few payment and processing technicalities but when done, CBD will be good to go in the UK and the Michel will also be up. This is all going to come in July.

                Hang tight.


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                  :D whooop


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                    Hi MeanGreen,

                    Thanks for your inquiry. Chris is correct, the MB will be in July, should be within the next few days. The rounded pin Flexfires are on the priority list still and are fairly high up there, but not firm date has been committed to yet.

                    Thanks MG,



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                      Thanks Bruce and Chris, you can bet I'll have two step ups on order the next day as soon as the rounded pins are on the CBD.


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                        Any chance the hellfire could come on to cbd?


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                          yeah magnet we are always toying with new boards and the future of CBD. Just keep in mind that its obviously not as easy as flipping a switch. Developing the files for a single board to be added takes and incredibly large allotment of resources. That is the unfortunate truth. We do, however, feel that a lot of needs can be addressed with the current boards on the platform now!!!

                          Cheers all!


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                            Hi all thinking of going custom. Any news on whether a round tail will be good to go on the Alterator and if so when? Also is there or will there be an option of choosing tri/quad fin options on boards that currently do not have them Eg. Alt, FF, MB? Thanks


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                              Hey Mrees,
                              We have taken the position to grow our CBD offerings incrementally because its highly complicated to offer lots of options and constantly be changing. Right now we don't have anything brewing in the short term that would allow for multiple tail choices for every board or fin customization, its more geared towards the customization of existing stock models than free reign design changes.

                              While this may not be ideal, we do think that allowing for the subtle changes to existing models to be controlled by the surfer, a majority of one's needs can be addressed.



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                                Hi mrees,

                                Some of the questions posed in this thread are better answered by Firewire than by myself.

                                I will try to answer technical questions as best I can, someone from Firewire will likely answer the larger scale CBD strategy related questions.

                                That said, I believe that a round tail for Alternator and Flexfire are a couple of the more likely tail options to be added in the future.

                                On a slightly different note, I'm kind of excited as I will pick up my custom Spitfire tomorrow(!) Getting a little older and a little slower, I added a little width and thickness :O

                                Thanks mrees,