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  • Volume of newly created board

    Is it me or when you create the CBD board you only see the changes that you made to the width thickness nose and tail.
    The image changes to show the new outline but no new adjusted volume until you go to the PDF stage.
    I think the real time Vol adjustment but be a great addition. If it is not already there and I am just Dumb. :)

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    It's too complicated to do before the full file is generated. It would be cool though because there's some trial and error involved currently with the tweaking.


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      Yea I have been mucking about creating a short alt 509 but trying keek the Vol in the 27 to 27.5 range. I have one I like the look of.
      Ho can I post the image here to get some feedback. I have see your posing of CBD here it looks cool.


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        I think I print screened mine and uploaded it to photobucket or something.
        I've got a 510 Alt in the 28.5l range that I really want to order. Looks fun for smaller, good waves. It's all Vanguard now though!


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          Ah Noooooooooo the vanguard is evil its making all other boards redundant.
          I might hold on for the V4 it looks the ticket.