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    Just doing a bit of thinking last night and thought it'd be cool if there were some other views included in the PDF for the CBD boards.
    I'd like to see some cross sections so you could for example compare how increasing the width of a model affects the volume distribution across the deck or by increasing the thickness how it affects the volume through the rails and deck. I know you can kind of see it now by comparing the modified model with the base model but it would be a lot clearer through using cross sections. If you could choose the position of the cross section like in AkuShaper too it'd be cool. Then you could compare from the nose right through to the tail and see exactly how the changes you've made are going to affect the deck and bottom contours of the board as well as the rail shape/thickness.

    I'm not sure how difficult it'd be to implement into the existing system but I think it'd be pretty helpful.

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    hey PRJ,
    Just an FYI for you and all who might have similar questions. the NX software that is used to generate visual, interactive versions of CAD files (so that the user can see what will be built by the CAD machine) is MASSIVE. It is software that took millions to develop and costs many thousands of dollars just to use. Adding to the CBD platform, since none of this has been done before, is incredibly expensive and time consuming. While I agree there are lots of additions that could make the CBD deeper with more options, it has to happen in steps. We have recently added a a few options but we certainly have to pace ourselves and grow the platform in a financially feasible manner.

    As I am sure you can imagine, making changes to CBD isn't something just anyone can do....

    Here is a little link if you want to look further at the technical capacities of the software.


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      fair play. it's beyond me, that's for sure :D