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A Good Way To Compare Rockers/Foils

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  • A Good Way To Compare Rockers/Foils

    I found a good way of comparing foils between boards earlier. If you go to the Foils page in the Boards section of the main site,
    it's a bit hard to judge on there, especially as the two you are looking to compare may not be next to each other.
    If you drag the two (or more) images you are looking to compare into new tabs in your browser you can then flick between the two and easily see how the rocker and foil changes as they are both positioned in the exact same place in each tab.
    For example, the MB and HR.

    If you open those in new tabs you can see the MB has a much fuller foil, more tail rocker and slightly less nose rocker than the HZ.

    Hopefully that helps a few people out.

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    phill has too much spare time....but great tip


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      Flat weekend and wasn't working so perved on boards instead :D


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        Good stuff! Just remember that the scales aren't absolutely the same as the foil image for each board aren't based on the same length. So for example, the potato foil is of a 504 while the dominator is of the 600 but if you overlay the two, the apparent rocker of potato is scaled up because the board length is extended.

        This is a great way for a rough comparison though and certainly gets the point across.

        Cheers all!


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          Yeah I was going to point that out too Chris. As long as you're comparing boards in similar sizes you can def highlight the differences.
          I was comparing the SR and HZ like that and was thinking "damn the SR looks much thicker" but the Sub of the same volume is 3" shorter so it's possible that the SR in comparison to the HZ is actually 3" or 5" longer than you'd actually buy.