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Compare tool - no more Tech view!?

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  • Compare tool - no more Tech view!?

    On the older site you could compare the graphic view or the tech view, which really had all the info.
    Where is the TECH view?? the new version really doesn't do much good. Thanks

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    Hi Bajapalm, on the website: nope. But there is a magic trick: enter FireWire compare surfboards in your browser and you'll still find the old tool. Doesn't show the tech data for the Evo though, only its comparison in % to the other board (but that's not too much of a hurdle for true technological interest :) with a calculator). Cheers !


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      Thanks Apache, yeah I was doing that but now wanted to compare some of the newer models that aren't there. Lets persuade Firewire that they NEEED to bring that back!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Right you are!!!


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          Bajapalm, I contacted the guy's at Board Formula and they said it should be back soon, that was 30 Jan 2016 though.

          I miss the tech view, really want to compare a couple of new boards, no Creeper or Almond Butter in there at the moment also.


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            That's great thank you so much - I look forward to it - yes quite a few boards not on there. I like how it shows if the wide point is forward or back and the nose and tail dims.
            It would also be nice if FW always described the bottom contours, sometimes it isn't even mentioned. I live in San Diego, they used to MAKE them here, and I can't find a single shop that allows me to look at most of the models.