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Al Merric Fred Rubble, what Firewire model is closest ?

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  • Al Merric Fred Rubble, what Firewire model is closest ?

    A lot of people seems to like the Fred Rubble in the waves we get here, in chest to overhead waves.
    What firewire model would be most similar to this shape?

    And when will all the new firewater models be available in the board compare?

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    looks like an Alternator would be close


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      about the same volume, but seems to be wider... at least compared to my 6'2 Alternator (19 x 2 1/2 - 31.3L) vs 6'2 Fred Rubble (19 5/8 x 2 1/2 - 31.6L).... and the tail of the alternator is narrower, so it needs a good wave to get the speed I want.

      I was thinking that the 6'0 Chubby Chedda (19 5/8 x 2 1/2 - 31.6L) could be a good option ? I hope this board will come with a 5-fin option in the future, think a quad setup would be good when you need more speed and drive.
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        Sub scorcher 60 - 20" 2 1/2 - 32.5l

        The more I read about it the more I think it's been one of the mort overlooked shapes in the range like the stealth and futura.


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          Hey Erling
          You're from Norway right?
          I live in Oslo and probably surf similar condition to you and the Sub is probably the best hybrid board you can surf in those conditions. I used to surf the spitfire, but now I am only using the Sub for almost all conditions and absolutely loving the board. It is a really good groveler, but you can still surf it in pretty decent waves.

          I am 90kg and using the 6'0" so that should float you well at 80kg. If you are in Oslo, let me know if you want to have a look at it:-)


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            Originally posted by RobinL View Post
            Sub scorcher 60 - 20" 2 1/2 - 32.5l

            The more I read about it the more I think it's been one of the mort overlooked shapes in the range like the stealth and futura.
            Couldnt agree my 6'0 Sub goes in everything from 2-6 foot with ease.


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              Yeah, I live a bit south of Stavanger.
              I you're 90 kg I guess the volume could be a bit big for me.... something around 30-31L would be ideal. And the 5'10 Sub seems to be a bit low on voulume at 29L, at least for the weaker stuff. That's why I'm thinking the 5'11 og 6'0 Chubby Chedda might be a better option... but hard to tell without holding or testing the boards.
              What size was the spitfire you used to have?

              Chris: The board compare is still not working....


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                The waves have a bit more push over on your side, than the weak windswell we have over here, so I guess you could drop a few liters. However, I wouldn't mind a liter or two extra while wearing a 6/5/4 during winter. I guess it comes down to if you want your board to perform all year around or primarily while wearing thinner suits. 29L might be a bit small for the the full wintergear???

                However, the CC look pretty good though and it is getting pretty good reviews:-)

                I have a Vanguard coming my way on Monday so will let you know how that thing works:-)


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                  Where's your VG coming from norberg?


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                    From Surfride San Diego. Definitely not the cheapest way of getting one, but couldn't wait any longer. Ha ha.


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                      Yeah, 29L is probably too low for the waves I surf + my weight and ability. I've found that 31L is good, both my alternator and spitfire work good with full wintergear (check out Xcel drylock 5/4, really warm but a lot more flexible than the 6/4 suit). I actually think that when I'm in my thick and heavy wintergear the waves usually have a lot more push/power in them than in summer... so although I'm in a thinner/lighter suit in summer I normally need a board with more width&volume because the waves are a lot weaker.
                      I end up using my 5'8 spitfire in almost everything, when I'm not on my Sweet potato... so what I'm considering is to replace the alternator and spitfire with something that gives me speed like the spitfire but surf a bit more traditional like the alternator. The alternator is a great board, but it needs better waves and I want to maximize my wave count from every day we get surf in this inconsistent place..... UK is blocking all the good swells from W and SW ;)

                      Sub Scorcher and CC seems to be a bit similar, but CC might be a bit more refined and could work better in good waves? At least the tail seems to be narrower and the boards isn't as wide.... seems like the sub might have a bit more flip in the nose though ?
                      I also like to keep my boards as short as possible, so to have a board that is 1 or 2" shorter is usually better for me :) Not writhing off the Sub, but a review from someone who has tried both would be great.

                      What size spitfire did you have?

                      The vanguard looks so sick, tell us how it goes! :D What conditions are you planning on using it in?