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    They have these at Hawaiian South Shore but no demos yet. Quads look very interesting. The word is every pro is going to have their own quad set. Don't know if it's just a rumor or not. I'm curious about the Luke Egans. It's nice to see a fin that's actually rated close to my weight.

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    I'm not 100% sure but I think KR fins are fins for JS's team, notionally including AI. One day some Occy thruster fins will make their way into my quiver.


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      Yeah they are JS fins. From what I hear the AI set is very close to the Soar DL set which is what AI had glasses on his boards.


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        Occy 10 kinetik racing fins

        Joel Parkinson has used occy 10 kinetik fins at bells. I have set which are thrusters in my spitfire. They have massive drive with a large base and long rake for speed. They are great for down the line speed and drawn out powerful turns


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          Bought myself some Joel Parkinson Kinetic Racing fins on sale yesterday from surf stitch. My fin quiver is now complete. They'll be delivered Monday I expect. Report will follow in due course.


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            Anyone with any testamonies on the X-4's Ultra core??? (4.72 Fronts and 3.9 Rears) my friend just bought a pair off me that wanted something similar to the Stretch quads. He surfed/loved them today saying they were just a tad looser than the Stretch. I wanted to try them out, but they were sent to me by mistake as I had ordered some futures SA-4's (wanting that huge rear 4.3 quad fin for big down the line power carves)

            I already have sidebites (@3.23 rears) , V2 F4 fins (w/ 3.75 rears) Tim stamps (w/4.0 rears) and Rusty 5fin (w/3.85 rears) .
            the X-4 rears are approx 3.9 and have more base and rake than I want in that range that I already covered in fins.

            The AM-2 fronts are more upright and have less area and rake than the X-4s...
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              Anyone tried the phase 3 ?