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Dimple fins!!!

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  • Dimple fins!!!

    Any one try these puppies;

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    It is definitely more hydrodynamic, shark skin is designed the same way.I remember talking to a local shaper about this around 20yrs ago


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      Ok ok, I ordered a tri fin set. Will report back. I'm replacing my quad MRTFX setup on the BP with em. Surf related fromage is the only thing I really fall for.
      Last edited by aurfalien; 12-02-2013, 11:04 PM. Reason: Thanks for the info iggy. The fins should get here just in time for more of the flat spell. And what a wonderful fall its been in SoCal, my my.


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        So how did those work for you? I was looking at those in Surfride a few months back.

      • aurfalien
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        Well, I wasn't too impressed with em but I think the BP wasn't a good candidate.

        I'll sell em to you real cheap if you want.
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      I have a set of the large size. I had a 6'0 nano (xtr, not firewire) and it was noticeably faster with the dimple fins than using similar sized flat foiled fins. They seem kind of flimsy though, right now I have them mounted on my 6'8 step up (figured they might help with paddle and catching waves) but I'm a little hesitant to see what happens on the first big face