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Kinetik x-4 falling out

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  • Kinetik x-4 falling out

    Hey I have some kinetic x4 future style on my 7'6 advance.. The front right keeps coming out while I'm surfing luckily I've noticed before I lost it. It just appear the screw doesn't engage with the groove but the fin is tight in the box so maybe the groove is in the wrong place... Any advice anyone?

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    This is one of the downsides of the future fin system. The screw looks to be engaged and the fin is in tight and yet they disappear. I would check the box and fin to ensure there is nothing in stopping the fin from reaching its deepest point. If that groove sits too high the screw will miss it.


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      Does the fin has a mark where the screw sits in the base of the fin?. Try inserting the fin and then screwing until it reaches top. Then unscrew, extract the fin and check the mark that the screw made on the fin. That's the best way to know if the groove is in the right position.
      Lost one fin once and it was because I did not settle the fin correctly in and the screw simply didn't engage, happens when you're in a hurry


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        u can go to a hardware store and get a longer set screw. it might stick out a lil, but it works