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  • new indo controllers

    Just received my indo controllers in the post yesterday, they look really a lot nicer than I was expecting, so im happy for the price, iv been using c drives in my sweet potato which i have been really impressed with (generate a ton of speed) but wanted to see how the indo controllers compare after reading all the positive feedback.

    Only thing is the front left fin is a little lose, id say its about a mm not thick enough in the tab and i can move it slightly in the box. Most fcs fins stay in if you turn the board upside down without doing the screws up but this one falls out. However, as soon as I do the screws up it feels as solid as any other fin.

    Anyone got any ideas whether it would be worth putting a bit of epoxy resin or fibre glass cloth over the lose tab to make it a little thicker? would it stick? It is tight when the screws are done up so maybe its worth just not worrying about.

    Not keen on sending them all the way back to indo,


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    I wouldn't worry too much, but you could scuff it up with some sandpaper and put a link of resin and a tiny square of fibreglass over the tab. Or even some duct tape?


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      Duct tapes a good idea. Didn't think of that. Thanks, looking forward to tryin em out, what fins you usin in yours ?


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        I'm using k2.1 fronts with the controller rears. Feels a little more natural to me.
        Controllers worked well though. Will prob switch back soon.


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          may try that set up also, could be a good back up if that loose fin ends up falling out at some point!

          your minidriver turned up yet? had a look at a 5'11 HZ the other day, was dead set on a HF for a more high performance board but after reading all the positive feedback on the HZ im leaning more that way now, the 5'10 MD seems more my kind of volume though and I do like the look of it, might hold off a bit till more opinions are posted on the MD and how it compares to the razor4

          too many good boards


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            Too many good boards indeed. I like the look of the HZ too.

            Picking up the MN tomorrow morning actually. Funny story with that actually, I will post something in the customer service section because it really shows how much the guys care about their customers!


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              look forward to hearing the review in time, good time of year to be receiving it!

              will check out the story in the cus service section