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spitfire with futures in the uk.

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  • spitfire with futures in the uk.

    This is probably a dumb question but it should be easy to get a spitfire with futures in the uk right? I'm looking for a 6'2 in fst. I asked my local supplier about it and he was totally vague. Said he didn't have any in, and wasn't sure I'd be able to get one at all. He thought his supplier may or may not have them (I'm guessing that's the uk / europe firewire guy), and if he didn't then that was it. No futures spitfire :(

    I like futures and my main board (an alternator), has futures - I'd like to be able to swap fins with my new spitfire.

    I know firewire make them so I figure there must be a way of ordering one right?

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    A lot of places in the UK seem to be pretty stuck in their ways with FCS and seem to mostly order FCS equipped boards. There should be some Futures boards scattered about but if you can't track any down you'd be best of putting a special order in through your nearest dealer.


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      If the shop places an order with those specific requirements I can't think of a reason why it could not be fulfilled.
      Why don't you try to email myles?:

      For sure he could answer you with more accuracy


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        Cool. Thanks, Iggy - I might try Myles in a few weeks once I've got the money to place an order.

        pjrwebb - that's what I figured - but the guy at the store never suggested it (I did ask if he could get one in)

        Thanks again.


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          If there's any in inventory Myles would be able to track one down for you, but if not it will be a case of putting a special order through your dealer. That's the standard procedure, you might just have to tell your dealer that haha.


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            Also, there's a shipment due in the next 1-2 weeks so it could be worth mailing Myles soon to see if there's any Futures Spitfires on there and what dealer they will be available from and you can reserve it.


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              yeah Myles is the way to go!


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                Got in touch with Myles and have one one on order through Down The Line (put a deposit down a couple of weeks ago). Myles says I'm looking at at July / August delivery date. Say's they hardly do futures in Europe. Pretty frustrating lead time- I'm itching to get it out on the water!

                Anyway, thanks for the help!


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                  Yeah FCS is pretty dominant here. Rare to see Futures but I think they'll creep in more in the next year or two.