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Wct, honeycomb vs techflex

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  • Wct, honeycomb vs techflex

    I guys, i'm going to buy a set of wct futures fins, but after reading a lot of reviews and posts, i'm still in doubt. Wich material to choose, honeycomb or techflex? Main diferences? Why one and not the other? Regards Hugo

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    Techflex is super stiff and light. Honeycomb will have a little more forgiving flex but honeycomb does shred to pieces if you skim rock/reef. Not sure if TF is any better for that but proper fibreglass def is, but heavier. I just picked up a set in techflex and they feel nice. Haven't had proper waves in weeks though.


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      ride the honeycombs.. like a lot.. techflex are very stiff.. too stiff for the waves i surf imo


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        I like my techflex in reef breaks and bigger or more powerful waves. In these types conditions I can feel the flex in them. When its not so big, they feel a little stiff.


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          yeah a preference thing. I tend to buy fins primarily on shape, then on foil. My gut tells me aside from riding straight fiberglass fins at pumping desert point sty waves, the Techflex and Honeycomb will feel similar from shape to shape. Thought the better surfer you are, the more you'll notice the subtle flex differences brought up by the guys.


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            But in this case guys, would you prefer the wct honeycomb or the flextech? Regards Hugo
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              Hey Hugo, I ride the honeycombs in my everyday shortboard. Found these more suitable for my style over techflex in smaller chunkier waves in waist to overhead for example..although I am currently experimenting with the techflex as a quad just to see how much speed I can get out of turns :) Could go on forever about this but guess it depends on your local break and whether or not you're looking for control (techf) over a more all-round (honeyc) construction? Like Chris says personal preference I find.. Hope this helps?

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            I have fins in both Techflex and Honeycomb, and I prefer the honeycombs.