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Controller pivot fins with other fronts

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  • Controller pivot fins with other fronts

    Anyone try the controller rears with a standard front fin ?

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    not I. i think they play into one another, not sure I would mix and match them...

    maybe someone else has though?


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      Cuttlefish puts Robbers on the front and Controller rears and really rates that combo on his Baked Potato. There is a well known older local shaper who is an expert in quads. He says there are no rules with quads, try everything and anything can work! Or not!!


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        I'm gonna try k2.1s up front in bigger stuff


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          Ive run my DM with the controller trailers and SA4's. It took some of the bulk of those fins out and made it a bit more pivot-y.

          Id say you can mess around with different fins and find something fun


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            Scimitar fronts w / Controller reads in waist to head oily groundswell went nuts on some long frontside ( lefts ) waves .
            For the sets this board wasn't my ideal choice but was too lazy to walk the 6 blocks back to the house so made do.
            Sat on a nice long barrell on a good sized one and ripped a few great top turns and one really long out the back of the wave floater .
            My new favorite set up .
            I find the scimitars with either the stretch rears or now the controller pivots really makes this board a bit more HP and snappy on waves slightly outside its redline