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  • FCS Fins for Midas

    Hi I was hoping someone might be able to suggest some FCS fins for the Midas - and I am not sure if it goes better as a thruster or as a twin plus trailer

    I picked up a 6'6" today (kind an impulse buy) -although I have been looking at the design for a while. I am an older (58), bigger guy (195 lbs) looking to flow and carve. Surf beach break on East Coast US.
    I don't have much in the way of fcs fins mostly futures, so I was hoping to not spend too much on fins that aren't right
    My research had me thinking the koholoe Andino set that Fitchie likes or the new Firewire PCC set with carbon, actually thinking the FW set may be better with the smaller trailer.

    I am curious if any one has ridden the Midas as a Twin plus trailer and how that experience was ?
    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated

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    As a whole the Andino has a perfect balance but it’s seens the 2+1 is is most popular in the Midas but using the Machado set which is futures.

    Personally I don’t think you’ will be disappointed with either the FW or the Andino. I don’t feel FCS has the twin range yet.


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      Thanks Craig. As luck would have it I found a shop running a special and picked up a set of the Andinos at a substantial discount. Still considering a twin set, but i am set for now. BTW I saw you sold your Midas, did it not work for you or was t just too much overlap with other boards?


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        Glad to hear you got the KA.

        Mainly to much over lap, the melted has so much range upper and lower for a more “HP” board it just covered bases the Midas did and I preferred how the Melted surfed. Still want a go fish again as I love the twin keel fish glide. But I’ll see how the Creeper goes.

        If the melted never happened I would have kept the Midas. You’ll love it, I’ve got a heap of FCS 1 fins but it’s a little far to send them to the states haha.