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  • Recommendations for El Fuego Quad Setup

    I recently picked up a 5-11 El Fuego and have been riding it with the quad set it came with: M3 - GX. I'm 5-11 (180cm) and 170lbs (77kg), and I think I'm a little bit under-finned with the current setup. Thus far, I've only ridden at my less-than-stellar home beachbreak in waist to head-high conditions, and I've noticed a lack of hold as things have gotten toward the larger and hollower end of the spectrum. I tried some K2.1 front fins yesterday, which have just a tad more surface area, and noticed I was able to hold a higher line and make it down the line better on deeper takeoffs, but I still think I need to go a bit bigger for the conditions I'm hoping to see soon, say up to 3ft overhead or so and barreling. Would M5 - GX work, or should I be thinking bigger? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Followup question: I'm still new to quads, and so far I'm really enjoying the speed and the ease of making sections without pumping on my my frontside, but is there any secret to getting comfortable going backside? I'm OK grabbing rail and pulling in with it, but that's about it. I just feel lost without being able to do tight snaps. Should I just go with a thruster setup on days where I'm likely to go backside more, or is there something fin-wise or a technique solution to work on here? Thanks!

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    Yeah M3 sounds too small to me. I'd go something like PC5 sites and G1000 rear or similar. If you want more hold go with something like the K3 at the front, more release K2.1.
    As for quad vs thruster backside, it's all preference but I like the quad backhand. It's just adapting your technique to take advantage of the extra speed and to adapt to the slightly longer turning radius. Deeper bottom turns and positioning can help.

    If you just prefer a thruster maybe try putting a knubster in the inside quad box for a little more hold on the face but you'll still have that thruster pivot on the outside rail for turns.

    Playing with fins can get expensive but it's fun when stuff works out. If you're in the USA it could be worth checking out the Finatic fin testing program.


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      Thanks! I think the next logical step will be to get some G1000s for the rear and try them with the K2.1 sides. I didn't realize how much smaller the GX was than the G1000 until I checked the specs, so that coupled with the 2.1s may give the extra hold I'm after.


      • Phill
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        I'm not sure where you're based but I have a set of k2.1 G1000 PC quad rears for sale. 80/20 foil, no scrapes or knocks. I'm in the UK though.

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        Thanks, but I'm in the US. Found some discounted online, but I may just hit a local shop tomorrow, as some decent swell should be here early in the week