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    Found a 7'6" add at my surf shop, but it has Fcs fins. Not sure which fins would be best for me. Im 6'2" and 220lbs looking for speed and manueverability. Ideas for best fcs thrusters and quads?

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    Well, anything in the Large size. The FCS site is pretty good, it will let you filter based on size and construction materials. You can also compare up to 3 sets of fins and FCS give you a rating that you can compare arc, drive and hold of each fin. If you know what characteristics you want out of a fin it is very useful. If you don't maybe just buy a large SA tri-quad set - most seem to like them. I prefer the R2s but it really depends on you and the board together. It's never as simple as one set of fins work in one board so they work in everything else.
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      PC7's and GAM (in PC construction) are good. There's probably a PG7 fin which would also be great. Finally, the Sunny Garcia fin is, I think, the largest in the FCS collection although I've never surfed it. I've never surfed the Kinetic Racing Occy fin or the Luke Egan version but both are probably worth looking at. I seem to see a lot of pros, including non JS riders (KR is a JS product) using the fins, which is a bit of a vote of confidence. I noticed for instance Josh Kerr and Ace Buchan appeared to be using KR fins at Margaret River.

      Of those fins I prefer the GAM when I'm carrying a bit of extra weight, but the PC7 is also a great all round drivey fin. My favourite fin at the moment is the Joel Parko Kinetic Racing fin but it's designed for a sub 200 lb surfer I think.