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Best Fins for 6'1 Hellrazor FCS

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  • Best Fins for 6'1 Hellrazor FCS

    Need some opinions on FCS Fins for my Hellrazor... Im 5,11 165 and Surf Punchy Florida Beach Breaks. I have been surfing a Hellfire and Just got Hellrazor... I have Mick Fannings (heard they are Big and Demand Big Waves) and Jw-1 haven't tried either.... Need some Feedback!!

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    tyr those JW-1s and go from there. That is actually what i rode in my Hellrazor and I liked them quite a bit.

    If they don't work, then at least you'll have some guidance when you go into a shop for your next set...



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      Hey..I snapped my Hellrazor RF in Two, Big Launch in Flats.. Totally my fault (ugg) I love the Bamboo, LOVED THIS BOARD and dislike FST, I found a White Rapidfire and Was Hesitant as I love the Bamboo Feel... But I needed Board so I Picked up The White RapidFire, Same size and was told it Should Ride the Same. I don't know if it's asthetic or just in my head but it feels stiffer and Seems a bit bulkier though the Dimensions and Weight are Said to be the same... Any input?? How does White RF compare to Bamboo RF? I have 6'1 Hellrazor


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        bummer to hear about the board breaking surfer. The White RF falls within the same weight tolerance as our bamboo but it might have a slightly higher average. Its possible you had a lighter bamboo, so at the light end of the weight tolerance, and got a slightly heavier white RF, at the other end of the tolerance so you notice it.

        Hopefully it will just take a couple sessions for you to get it out of your head though??