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New Board Shopping - Australia vs USA and others for price $

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  • New Board Shopping - Australia vs USA and others for price $

    Hi Guys,
    Im looking to add the Hellfire to my board collection for an upcoming trip to Indo. I was in Hawaii in January and am really regretting not picking on up while I was there.

    Im an Aussie living and working in China (no regular surfing just planned trips a few times a year) and was arranging for a mate to pick up a board in Australia for me. That is until I realised the price difference! The Hellfire (Future Shapes) retails for $920 in Australia and ~$685 in the USA. That is 34% cheaper not taking into account the currently stronger AUD. I realise international commerce is a wholly complicated issue with taxes, import duties etc so Im not going to try and change the world with this post.

    I will however talk with my wallet and explore options of purchasing the board outside of Australia.

    I do travel around Asia a bit ad was wondering if you sell boards out of your factory in Thailand? Bangkok?


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    Could also do Malaysia, but not sure if you have a dealer there?


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      Hey Jase,
      if you would like, please email me directly at and we'll look at potential ways to get a board to you over there.