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    I ordered a custom Taj through my local shop that long ago I could probably take it to the Antiques Road Show with my family treasures if it turns up?

    I ordered this for a dream once in a life time trip to the magical Mentawais this April, with this being now less then 3 monts away I have doubts if this mythical board is ever going to show!!!!! Is there any way I can trace this board? I keep pestering the guy from said shop, but he is not instilling me with confidence telling me it might turn up in his next shipment, which is his last order before i go away! With so little to choose from with Firewire stocks been so low in the UK, I may have to do the unthinkable and order a PU board which I haven't done in 5 years of enjoying such a good products from Firewire. However on a 5000+ surf trip I would be gutted to rock up with just the one board. HELP PLEASE?

    Many thanks for any help in advance! Sunny

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    You ordered through a surf shop and not through the CBD on the website?
    The next big shipment in the UK is May but there's another small shipment coming in early March I believe.
    What's the spec of your board!


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      The owner of the shop sent the order of I emailed the dimmensions from CBD to him he did the rest well he better have done?.The spec is 6,2 X19X2.1/2 round tail.


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        Thing is the CBD isn't available outside of USA, Aus and I think Japan currently.
        I'd email with the name of the dealer the order was placed through, the date the order was placed and your name and a receipt for your deposit if you've paid one and I'm sure he'll look into it and find out what's going on.


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          If thats Chris off this site? I sent a message direct to him weeks ago? (well so I thought) I clicked on his profile and sent message, if it was the right Chris? and the correct way to get intouch direct? As for CBD been avaliable in UK I have been told by the other main stockest of Firewire, it is avaliable but he has never placed an order as it takes too long, (No s##t!) and its very expensive hence the reason nobody does it? unless im just been told porkies by both shops?
          Well I suppose there isnt much anybody can do, as if it is coming it probably will be on a ship as we speak, if not I will have to make other arrangments with what little time I have left to get a board. Would have been a whole load better if some one could say yes its coming, (not bothered when as long as it was before trip) or no its not, to give me enough time to buy another board.
          Rant over haha thanks for help prjwebb.


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            Hey Sunny,
            not sure I got your message in my forum inbox.

            Also I have not been communicated with by any UK shops regarding an order, but why don't you email me directly. When you do, include some kind of order notification if you have any, or pass along any email correspondence you have surrounding the order.

            Please use my email address:


            Thanks and I'll do whatever I can to get you some answers.