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    Hi write from south spain
    Hello I ordered a surf board (alternator 6,0) in early November(present for Christmas) to give to my boyfriend, at the store told me they had no problems and now tell me that there will be no stock until April-May.
    Is this normal?. That is what is failing?. no stock?.
    As I can wait that long for a board?(7 months). Sorry for these words but does not seem serious. Whats happen?s
    best regards

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    Hi Meri,
    That's a shame about the board.
    The problem is due to the recent flooding in Thailand that has effected the factory staff and the shipping logistics. Things got a little behind due to that so Euro stock is running low. I've been told the next Euro shipment should be in March. Hopefully that helps you a little. It might be possible to email and see if he can track down a 6'0" Alternator for you that someone has in stock.


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      Hi prjwebb
      Thanks I wrote him but I responded that the office does not return until day 3.


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        Yeah, everything will be a bit slow over Christmas/New Year unfortunately.