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    Aloha Guys,
    Recently I put in for a 6 8 Alternator through Patrick at Hanalei surf on Kauai, Hawaii. For whatever reason, the board did not make it in the shipment. I put in the order in November,and the shipment arrived recently in early January. I realize Kauai is a small market, and Im sure you guys can make more money in other markets, but is it possible to order a board and get it here in a reasonable time? I own two Firewire boards, bought my son a firewire board and have referred several people to Hanalei Surf to buy Firewire boards. Needless to say, I am a big fan of your product. Is there a Hawaii rep that can get me either a 6 8 Alternator or a 6 9 Hellrazor? Going to Indo in June, so really would like to get a board before then.

    Kekoa Ledesma

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    Hey Hanalei,

    Kauai is a really small market. The shops there can have as many boards as they want but its up to them to order them. Obviously its hard to order 50 or 60 thousand dollars in boards if the turnover is slow...

    I have made the HI rep aware of your concerns though and hopefully it will spawn additional availability to people in your position!

    Sheers and thanks so much for your continued support.

    Also if you are super keen on placing an order, you can use my email address below and I can look deeper into availability and shipping ETAs for you...