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  • Definitions

    Maybe a definitions section.

    I have heard the term "step up board" used a bit but not entirely sure what it means.

    Also "front foot surfing"


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    Step Up is usually a board of the same width and thickness, maybe a touch thicker, and 3-4" longer than your usual shortboard to give you some extra paddle power and rail line for conditions in the double over head range.

    Front footed surfer is someone who drives the board more over the front foot rather than off the back foot over the fins.


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      would the board also determine the style (front or back footed) the surfer needs to use to best utilize the boards set up.

      IG; the dominator likes a back footed stance mostly for manuvers. since its wide point is slight back from the middle of the board.


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        I think it's better to choose a board that fits your style rather than to try and change how you surf to fit a board.
        If you can change between the two easily then that's fine, but I think I'll always be quite front footed.


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          prjwebb, since you are front footed, which models do you favor.


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            Boards with a lot of kick in the tail. I really like the Taj rocker whereas I think someone who was heavily back footed would find it too squirrelly. Also don't like boards like are too skinny in the nose.


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              Good stuff folks.

              I would add just a little bit to this. Your approach to riding a board definitely should and does change as you go from one model to another in different conditions. I think as people improve at surfing they gain the ability to surf a bit more balanced.

              For example, small mushy days in CA I am on a potato with my weight forward, using my front foot to drive off the board to get speed. Then if it's small BUT steep, I might use the same board, but because I have to generate less speed, I shift my weight back as to have more control through maneuvers.

              Many front footed surfers I know prefer flatter entry rockers with the wide point forward, but this should not limit your approach to only a front footed style.

              The key is to try to be aware of your tendencies and what has felt good under your feet in the past and go from there...

              Stoked on all the input!!


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                Yeah definitely agree with that last time. That's what I've been doing in the last year or two. I think I'm really starting to understand what works for me in a board so I know what to look for in future purchases.