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    Not so much a forum idea, more so an idea for the Boards section of the website. Specifically for the boards that are available for customisation in the CBD really.
    As I understand, the 3D CAD files for all the stock boards that are available in the CBD must already exist, or be easily created from the CBD its self.
    I thought it might be a neat feature to have a link next to the stock boards that downloaded, or if possible just opened in a new window, the 3D file of that specific model. That way people could check out the stock board they are interested in before they buy it in the same way you can view a CBD board before you place your order.
    I think I'd be correct in thinking that non CBD models wouldn't be available for this feature yet because of the CAD time and expense involved with setting them up, but as more boards become available on the CBD more stock models could be added to the site. Maybe it's a bit pointless, but it would definitely allow people to see the rail shapes, the volume distribution, the rocker, the bottom contours etc. all in a far greater detail than descriptions or 2D images ever could.
    Just an idea!

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    it's a good idea .... it is being discussed


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      while we are at it, i think well lit pics of the boards in planshape, rocker and 45 degrees to show volume distribution would help a lot..


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        the 3d file will cover all that dave!


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          a picture tells a thousand words....


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            haha true. high res images of all the boards will be very enjoyable to look at anyway so i'll definitely back that one