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    Is it worth while having a section on the Forums where firewire can put the dimensions and volumes of old model boards that have been modified or no longer sold?

    For example the Taj Pro and Alternator have been beefed up slightly in the last 12 months or so which makes it hard to compare your old board with other existing/new models on the website.

    There is no way to compare a 2 year old 6'2 Alternator with any of the boards on the website in the "Compare Board Section". If you do then you are getting the wrong information and thinking you are getting something with similar dimensions/volumes to what you are currently riding and when your board rocks up it's a "oh no moment that thing is a boat". This happened to me with an Alternator that i borrowed of a friend, i loved it and then ordered one which came with fuller rails and more beef in the tail than the one i rode. The board looked physically different and surfed nothing like the one i borrowed.

    While I am here can someone from Firewire please let me know what the old volumes of the 6'2 and 6'4 Alternators were before they were beefed up.

    Thanks in advance.

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    hey fazza,
    we discussed that internally and we will be doing something surrounding that, but have our handful developing a few other things at this time.

    its a great idea though and we will pursue it more in 2012 for sure.



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      Great look forward to it. The new models over the last year all have the volume on the rails which is good but older ones only have the dimensions.

      Can you let me know what the original volumes were for the old 6'2 and 6'4 Alternators?