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Wave Size: How Big, How Small and how did it handle.

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  • Wave Size: How Big, How Small and how did it handle.

    FW Crew,

    I see that you have started threads for all the different models of boards. As these cutting edge designs take surfing into the future, boards are getting smaller and smaller and most of us become more and more uninformed, so I think it would be a great idea to start a thread within every model of board to let folks share their experiences on their hybrid board (most of which people assume can't handle large waves) on different size waves. I'm certain the board's sweet spot in terms of wave size would become obvious in the forum and I'm certain everyone would love to share how the board handled in the larger stuff. The FireWire board descriptions don't speak to wave size recomendation and I think a thread like would be a valuable tool for somebody looking to fill a gap in their quiver.


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    Cheers Brian! there is a lot of info here in the forum as well!!


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      5'10 hellfire at 90+kgs with futures sa3's handles whatever i've successfully dropped into...had a few sessions in big ridiculous point/reef i age i would prefer a few more inches and a bucket load of rocker for dodgy drops, but once up, the hellfire is unbelievable...just keep the volume low...

      although, having said that, today in 2ft slop i was crawling to my feet like a kook...then falling my backs about to go on the fritz..!!
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