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Blacklisted from work?

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  • Blacklisted from work?

    I attempted to access the forum from work and received:

    Access denied. Your IP address [] is blacklisted. If you feel this is in error please contact your hosting providers abuse department.

    In fact the whole site, not just the forum. Any idea why this happened?

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    That IP address is Blacklisted by some Spam monitoring sites. IF for some reason your IP address ends up in one of these spam monitoring sites you are automatically blacklisted by any site that uses that services. Some examples of those are Spamhause, CBL,

    I have done a check on that IP and it is blacklisted, i used a web tool to find this out. If you go directly to the Blacklist area here: and copy past your IP address in there click on "Check Blacklist" you will see that IP has been blacklisted in CBL, Mailspike-BL, Mailspike-z, Spamhause-ZEN.

    More than likely someone on that network has some kind of spyware, trojan, spybot that at sometime recently has been sending out spam.

    If you click on Details in the Reason column next to each site that the IP is listed in you should be able to work out from there how to get removed from those sites.

    You will need to make sure that there are no nasties still left on any computers and an effot has been made to scan computers for trojans etc...otherwise you will get blocked again.

    If you need any help let me know.


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      thanks for that. Checking all the workstations might be a little beyond my means! We have a couple of thousand.

      Anyway my IP addresses at work usually are 9.185.x.x and so it is today and that works. I should have done an IPCONFIG at the time and confirmed what it was that day. I guess there is a slight possibility that my laptop couldn't use the secured WIFI network and it logged onto the public one. It's possible that only the public one was up at the time.


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        Actually.... is my public address. Must be since IPv6, I'm sure 9.185.x.x was the public address now I must be behind a large VPN. So why it is working today I have no idea :) I grew up with SNA!


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          That IP address is probably one of your external Internet IP addresses for your network at work. I notice now that it is not blacklisted by CBL or Spamhause which is probably why it is working again.

          If anyones Internet address ever gets listed by anyone of those blacklisting sites and a mail server/website subscribes to their service then that IP address is automatically blocked from sending emails or accessing that website. Sometimes IP addresses can get listed accidentally. I see and have to sort out these kind of problems on a weekly basis.


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            Interesting when I tried when I last posted it still appeared to be blacklisted, perhaps the IP routing tables had already been updated and these other sites that have records of blacklisted IP addresses are a little behind timewise?