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Merry Christmas dudes!

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  • Merry Christmas dudes!

    To those observe the celebration:

    Here in Oz, I've just put the munchkins to bed, they're as excited as can be. It reminds me of what I felt at that age at this time. Some of the other rich flavours that you can inhale deeply this time of year are those memories before we all had air con and would sit at the table on days that were either stinkers or scorchers eating a massive baked dinner. Full works, heat pouring out of the kitchen as the oven just added more heat to the house.

    Grandad would usually over do it and have at least one fall, otherwise the day was a bit of a fizzer. Most neighbors would drop by toting a couple of longnecks and sort of get topped up before champers with lunch. The snapping of bon bons, and then now that I look back at it, the wilting sight of grown adults wearing ridiculous crepe paper crowns, that would melt with perspiration onto their heads. Then the plum pudding with real brandy sauce cream and sixpences and threepences inserted - watch those teeth! Then finally, the passing out with heat and over indulgence, for an afternoon coma. A lot has changed since then but I'm still fond of those memories. You really earn a roast turkey dinner when you eat it in the heat!

    I'm hoping the swell sneaks in early and maybe I can get away for that glorious early uncrowded Christmas Day surf as our guests aren't coming until 3pm. Those kinds of surfs are special, something like robbing a bank and getting away with it I guess - and no one gets hurt.

    Merry Christmas everyone! What's everyone up to?