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  • FIN feedback in each board type forum

    Although there is plenty of topics about fins in each board type forum or in the fin forums, its often hard to find the info/feedback from guys on the fins there using or tried and which works best for a particular board, as there is many threads on the same topic or even great info hidden in threads that started with one topic but then talk of fins came up.

    Now what would be good is if you went into a board forum lets say The sweet potato forum if there was a thread at the top of that forum, that always stayed at the top of that forum (ive seen this done on other forum websites) that would be cool, sure the thread would be long but at least all the fin info for that board would be keep/collected in one place rather than kinda almost lost, scattered all over the place, buried and hidden.

    Would also be good if at the start of that thread there was a graph/vote thing with a whole heap of popular fin options for each board, then from these results we could also see what fins guys think work best for that board.

    Then as time goes on the info from the graphs could even be used to help compile a list of recommendations/suggestions (on the boards info page) for fins to try on that board.

    Hope that makes sense?..kinda hard to explain.

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    Makes sense to me of course.
    "Stickies" are what they are.
    Voting good too for creating a data base.
    Have at it Firewire.


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      Yeah, all fair enough, but its all subjective too.


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        I agree. Good suggestions. We will need to remember not only that fins are subjective, but that they are specifically made for different sized surfers. The appropriate fins for the rider of the smaller board is totally inappropriate for medium or larger boards/surfers. Food for thought.....


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          Yes the poll function is what allows you to vote. Taking into consideration the differences between small, medium and large surfers the poll could easily be broken into 3 questions based on those weight ranges. That would help a little to make the results a little more relevant...but you have to be able to keep adding new fins to the choices as they do come out with new ones. The graphs would only be a measure of popularity rather than a guide to what works best but you still might gain something from that.


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            Yeah i think the poll thing, could be more a starting point/rough guide of fins to try as yes fins are subjective, but there is certain Fins that seem to be real popular with certain boards for example "Controllers" for the sweet potato.

            Also having the one main topic on fins for that board locked in/stuck to the top of the thread you could dig a bit deeper and find more info/feedback/thoughts easily, rather than have to search back through any topics that are fin related and as i mentioned, there is some threads that contain some really good info on fins but are hidden, im actually thinking of a thread in the Sweet Potato forum the thread is more than 10 pages its called "sizing the sweet potato" but there is some really really good info in there about fins used on Sweet potato, pics and all.