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Quadraflex with road rash...

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  • Quadraflex with road rash...

    The board is a 5 year old 5'10" Quadraflex. I love this board, and I'm really hoping it can be fixed:


    I just had found out that I got a job for the rest of the summer as a dockhand before I go back to school (landlocked). Feeling good, I decided to drive down 30 minutes to a spot that I figured would have some fun waist high swell coming in clean. I hadn't unpacked my car yet from a weekend trip, so I decided to put my board on top of my car with some new straps I hadn't used yet. Big mistake. I always put my board in my car. Except this one time.

    I made sure the straps were TIGHT and pulled onto the highway. Soon as I reached 60mph I heard a thump and looked in my rearview mirror. My board was summersaulting over the centerline. I slammed on the breaks, did a u-turn, and pulled onto the shoulder. Before any other cars showed up I ran out and grabbed it from the middle of the road. The board looked fine as I ran up to it, but as I got closer my heart just dropped. The leash was gone, a fin was broken (snapped where it was supposed to plugs held up just fine), but worst of all the right side of the swallow tail was totally torn up and black from the tarmac. There was also a surface scratch on the front underside near the rail and a pinkie nail sized ding through to the foam on the rail near the left tail. I was actually suprised that the board wasn't broken in two. It hit the pavement at 60. Pretty good testament to the strength of the board actually. It only broke at its thinnest point, the tail. I'm guessing the tail hit first then it flipped and slid on its belly. I just stood there on the side of the road staring at it and wanting to scream. I kept wishing I could go back 3 minutes to when I decided to put the board on the roof instead of in the car like I usually do. NEVER PUT YOUR BOARD ON THE ROOF IF IT FITS IN YOUR CAR. And don't use stretchy flat cord or bungee cord. Always truck straps.

    This is my only board, and I've had it for 5 years. I've taken great care of it and now I think its damaged beyond repair. It only had a few pressure dings (after five years!) and some small surface cracks on the rail that I epoxied. I love this board please let me know if you think it can be fixed, and any repair cost estimates would be greatly appreciated. :(


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    Of course it can be fixed! Depends on how much you want to pay but still doesn't look too expensive to me.


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      There's a bit of work involved so I don't see it being cheap but it'll be worth while.
      Make sure it's a FW repair centre and you'll get it back looking great.