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big damage on my sweet potato

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  • big damage on my sweet potato


    i am french, and i surfed on reef today, and unfortunately, my sweet potato touch the rocks.

    Do you think, i can fix it by my self?

    or do have to fix by a pro?

    sorry for my english

    i will be at los angeles from 12 of August !

    best regardsphoto.jpg

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    I'd be getting it dry between now and your LA trip and take it in FireWire San Diego for a pro fix!


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      do you have an other pro fix in LA, because i already book my trip?
      or a pro fix in France?


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        There's a list of repair centres here
        Not sure which is closest to LA. I'm sure Chris will be able to advise further.


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          wow!! that's a big chunk of wood gone!!! Hopefully you get it fixed and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!!!


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            Because its a SP it probably isnt that critical because flex doesnt play a big part in a board like that but if it were say an ALT or FF that thing would be rooted !!


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              Bonjour Willparis, c'est dommage cet affaire la!!.C'a l'air qu'a casse les 4 planches de bois. Définitivement ça va prendre quelqu'un avec de la expérience pour réparer ça comme il faut. Mais las chose la plus importante ici c'est de laisser la planche sécher comme il faut, et ca va prendre du temps.
              S'il y a quelque chose laisse nous savoir. Excuse moi pour la demeure mais on étais dans l'hôpital.


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                Hey Will,
                I think you will want a professional to repair this. Basically what you want to do is get the ding cleaned out and then you will layer in new pieces of balsa. A regular repair person can do it, just use 3mm pieces of balsa, laminate them together, cut to fit the hole, then add add resin and sand it to match the rail. Final step is to glass over the sanded balsa.

                We have really limited repair capacities here and I doubt a repair person would be able to turn around a board repair in such a short time. You are better off to have it repaired at home....