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drying out time after a ding?

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  • drying out time after a ding?

    noticed a knock under my el fuego after a surf last weekend im not sure if its a crack or a scratch as you cant really catch your nail in it for the length of it (apart from the end bit).

    It is however at least 15cm across the bottom and its defintley knocked something as the weave is kind of showing in places (you know the kind you get when you bang it but it doesnt break through). At one end its defintley slightly dented it about a cm sq id say and very slightly cracked the glass. Iv left it for a week and a half now just in case any water got in.

    Do you think its alright to seal up now? or should I do any tests or leave longer even? still not really sure how far you need to go to make sure they are 100% dry before a fix.