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Wood at bottom of fin box

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  • Wood at bottom of fin box

    Bought a 5' 8" FST Sub scorcher recently. After 3 surfs at pretty mellow beach break, the side fin box has been ripped out through a standard turn (no damage to the board AT ALL before!) I noticed the tail slide out whilst mid turn and when I inspected the damage, the fin system had been torn out and de-laminated of the bottom of the board.
    I noticed that at the bottom of the fin box was a piece of plywood. This must have been added during the manufacturing process as a fault, or in attempt to raise the fin box up after the hole for the box being drilled too deep. The resin has not taken to the wood and caused a serious weakening to the box.
    I have contacted (tried) Firewire customer services twice regarding this matter for an explanation as to the reason for the wood being there and have had no reply. I am very disappointed with a) the quality of maufacture of the board and b) the disregard from Firewire regarding the issue.
    I will post photos of the wood ASAP.

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    Hey Subscorcher,
    FYI i have not seen your request here or gotten a message so why don't you pass an email my way using the address below and we'll see what is going on. Thanks.


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      still waiting on this one here...


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        I passed on your email on another forum also and he said he was going to email you.

        It's strange when people post up complaining about not getting support but don't actually get in touch when you reach out to them....


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          he hit me with the thread from that other forum if you still have it...