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Massive compression dings or de lamination

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  • Massive compression dings or de lamination

    Gday ive got a 602 spartan and after only 3 surfs I've cleaned the wax off to reveal 2 deep compression dings under the front foot area.. These are major indents possibly delamination?

    Really spewing as I bought this for a boat trip and have only surfed in small average waves leading up to finding this..

    It is fst so I was under the impression that it was going to last me ages..

    Was just about to buy another firewire but holding off waiting to hear feedback from anyone..

    Can this be possible warranty issue?

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    Photos would help. Is it not just some heel denting? Delams are usually bubbles not dents.


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      footwells develop after a couple of surfs....unless you have movement in the layers when you press it then that is all it is likely to be....two to three surfs on both the thick and thin MB 602's and i had rapidfires get them after 1 surf...they stabilize when nicely shaped around your foot....
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        Gday guys I will try and post a couple of pictures this arvo but they seem to be more than just heel dents ay.. thanks for the info pretty suprised to hear that you have had possibly similar issues on spartans in fst and consider it ok/normal? I stripped the wax off my go to every day board that I have surfed for the last 12 months and the deck had held up better than my new firewire..


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          The boards are foam and lightly glassed 4oz fibreglass. They will dent a little. Post some pics because it might be something more and it's always worth checking now rather than leaving it go.


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            yeah, i was meaning that footwell dents will start straight away..(they are a good thing)...but this may well be something else on top of that...lets make sure...


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              i guess send pics if you can. yeah it would help constrain the issue.