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Faulty Firewire Delaminating through Leash Plug. Firewire doesn't back up its product

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  • Faulty Firewire Delaminating through Leash Plug. Firewire doesn't back up its product

    Hi From NZ. My Firewire FST Stealth delaminated due to a manufacturing Fault around the leash plug. After paying NZD$1100 for it, Firewire took close to 5 months to get back to me on the issue offering a new board for AU$550 + Shipping to NZ, plus bank costs! The board was kept in new condition and had never had a ding or scratch. It even had the original valve sticker still on it. Firewire is a JOKE company. They are arrogant. Billabong were arrogant and lost 60% share value in one day. I hope similar happens to you guys. Your customer service is a joke.
    Its left the poor retailer in the crap as under NZ law they have to pay for a new one under the Consumers Guarantees act so they are left out of pocket for your shoddy products.

    All surfers be ware of FIREWIRE boards leaking around the leash plug!
    Please contact me if you had similar experiences so we can start a petition to the Surfing body of NZ to ban this company in NZ.


    Annoyed with the bully style no care tactics on Firewire AU.

    Blair Strang

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    And while you're at it can you also get a petition together to bring all the Kiwis in Australia back to NZ?

    (Just joking of course)


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      Bro, they are some pretty vicious word hoping that all our boards fall apart. I sincerely hope your day improves.


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        I don't know of any surfing company that has the level of customer service Firewire has. I don't know of any surf company that backs up their product as they do and that has EVERYONE involved with their customers, from the CEO to the lead Designer to the reps.
        On my 9th board and I have never had an issue which will compromise the integrity of any of them.
        Hope you get some waves


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          Nothing like blasting away with both barrels of the 12 guage! I have some questions Blair if you don't mind.
          1. how old is the board?
          2. when did it start to delaminate?
          3. has any water leaked in yet?
          4. was any repair suggested, attempted or offered?

          So far I haven't had any problems and I would think that's the same for the overwhelming majority of us but I have found most that have had issues have been able get some dialogue going and resolve the issues or come to some compromise to each's satisfaction.


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            I second that Iggy. I have been surfing their boards for a number of years now and have had nothing but good things to say about the company. I would maybe give Firewire a chance to fix this as I have the utmost respect for Firewire and the people working there. Have you emailed Chris?

            Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience.



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              I'm in Nz and have also had lots of dealing with FireWire Oz, service and boards have always been superb so something has gone wrong here.


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                my question is why was he surfing it with the valve sticker still on the board?


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                  Yes I get the feeling there is a lot more to this story and a lot that isn't being said because it might be exculpatory. What were FW's reasons? Was user error part of it?

                  Blair you come here to air your grievances and want a hearing? Here's your chance, answer the questions and clarify things for us. I see you've taken the opportunity to jump on the other thread to try and stir things up but still have not availed yourself of the opportunity to clarify things. Mate, don't wait too long, public forums tend to judge quickly.


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                    Originally posted by Chris View Post
                    my question is why was he surfing it with the valve sticker still on the board?
                    Yeah good question there.I also believe there is more to this story that has been told. I'm still wondering under which circumstances that leash plug got damaged.


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                      I think words should be chosen wisely and carefully before stating arguments since sometimes they get lost in the context. The fact that this has transcended to some other threads shows at this point the ill intentions of damaging FW's reputation


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                        I think all (or at least some) 6'2 Hellfire FST FCS owners should sell their boards cheaply on ebay in protest.(for or against)


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                          Originally posted by Danga View Post
                          I think all (or at least some) 6'2 Hellfire FST FCS owners should sell their boards cheaply on ebay in protest.(for or against)
                          I just don't know why I didn't think of that!

                          It could be aluminium in the water, it could be Alzheimers, or acid flashbacks but I thought a couple of stanzas from John Cooper Clarke's classic Salomey Maloney was befitting the occasion:

                          "WHEN THE AMBULANCES CAME,
                          SHE WAS LYING ON THE DECK
                          SHE'D FELL OFF HER STILETTO HEELS
                          AND BROKE HER FUCKING NECK
                          THE MANAGEMENT THREW FITS

                          THE OVER TWENTY-0NE'S NIGHT SAID IT WAS A SHAME
                          THE DIVORCEE CLUB WILL NEVER BE THE SAME

                          I always found JCC a very cheeky scallywag that gave me a wry grin.


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                            slow is off his chops again..!!! i'm off to revisit these classics.....


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                              I started riding firewires 6-7 months ago, I now have 3 (a Flexfire, Dominator and recently a Sweet Potato) and thinking of getting a 6'2 Hellfire. I love these boards and they each suit a particular type of wave from ankle high to double overhead. I have had no problems with any of the boards, not even a ding or depression.(even after running into another surfers board who dropped in on me in on a 6-8 foot face wave.He was too slow ha ha.)
                              My friends have had different brand(not firewire) new boards and had depressions in them after one or two surfs.
                              I can understand people being upset if something happens to their board (new or otherwise) but to bag out the whole company is a bit much especially considering the number of boards of ALL BRANDS that break or have problems worldwide as compared to firewire boards.
                              Maybe because firewire have a Forum (which to me is a good help and a benefit. A positive thing as can be seen from 99% of the comments here) it is easier for people with a problem to vent their frustrations than it would be for people with other brand boards.
                              People who don't like firewires don't have to buy them, I am sure there will be plenty of others that do like them. I for one will keep buying them and I don't think I will buy any other brand from now on.